Pursuing the core Fairy End professionals has came back, something appear to have gone back to regular

not 1 day, a mystical girl shopping for Lucy drops because of the guild and you may brings together a mysterious memento from her father. Nothing performed they know that one souvenir is the vital thing to the termination of the nation, even though it itself is only a piece into secret. Several plotlines out-of each other old and you will the new face and you will factions commonly develop assuming tied up together with her, Fairy Tail need competition facing for you personally to save the nation of exhaustion.

The original starting theme of arch are Hajimari zero Sora by +In addition to once the first end theme try Glitter because of the Other Infinity feet. Mayumi Morinaga. Next starting motif arc is actually Tenohira because of the Hero once the second conclude theme was Yell ~Kagayaku Tame no Mono~ because of the Sata Andagi.

Huge Magic Games arc

Once parece, brand new core Fairy Tail members come-off to rehearse till the beginning of the Games. After reuniting which have common confronts, this new people in Fairy End try expected to seek out the fresh new ominous Secret Stamina emitting regarding the located area of the Games most of the if you’re seeking winnings the fresh Huge Secret Game so you’re able to recover its former label as Fiore’s most powerful Guild.

The first starting theme regarding the arc are Break through by Going Below Floor because first https://gorgeousbrides.net/pt/garotas-venezuelanas-gostosas-e-sexy/ conclude theme are Kimi ga Kureta Mono of the Shizuka Kudo. Another starting motif was Fairy End ~Yakusoku zero Hey~ from the Chihiro Yonekura since the 2nd finish theme try We are the fresh stars because of the Aimi Terakawa. The next starting theme was MASAYUME Going after by the BoA together with 3rd stop was Kimi to help you Kare to help you Boku to help you Kanojo so you can by Inhale. The newest last beginning motif is actually Hit Straight back from the Straight back-To your as well as the fourth stop are Kokoro no Kagi by Get J.

Eclipse Celestial Spirits arch

Someday, the latest A dozen Zodiac Gates would not address their summoning. And their sudden change in appearance and identification, obtained and severed the brand new securities they’d through its contracted Celestial Heart Mages! This type of rebels, that stop the Beacon out-of Rebellion, consult singular question, “complete versatility”!! Before Natsu, Lucy, and others, whom flower up to get well new bonds, certainly are the the newest twelve doors, and therefore are ready to stand-in its means!

The initial opening motif for the arc was Strange Wonders because of the Perform As the Infinity just like the basic ending theme try Kimi no Mirai by the Options Four. Next opening motif was Bust out because of the V6 because the next finish motif was Do not let myself off from the Mariya Nishiuchi.

Sun Community arc

Occurring victorious during the Huge Wonders Game and regaining its previous building, Fairy Tail try deluged which have multiple demands off various customers. Among the numerous consult, one instance need Natsu and you can Gray’s let, to your customer in fact getting among the many four large ranked Genius Saints, Warrod Sequen. Accepting his demand, they lead for the Sunlight Village the remainder of its people and tend to be rapidly confronted by the latest enemies and old opponents.

The hole theme associated with arch was Yumeiro Graffiti by Tackey and you may Tsubasa while the end theme is not actually ever from the TOKYO GIRLS’ Concept.

Tartaros arc

The newest Dark Guild also known as Tartaros renders the progress the newest Miracle Community. Starting with a strike into Miracle Council Head office, the new Nine Demon Gates rapidly start the fresh delivery of the plans, starting with the latest elimination of the entire council and others. About aftermath, news of your own event is quick to arrive the fresh ears out of Fairy Tail. The battle ranging from Fairies and Demons initiate!